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PURTIER PLACENTA from Riway is extracted from fresh New Zealand deer placenta, which contains the most active and most energetic live stem cells, it has been well known as a miracle substance to help protect, repair and reverse aging process.



Live Stem Cell treatment for Spinal Chord Injury

Live Stem Cell treatment for Kidney Failure

Live Stem Cell Treatment for Cyst, Myoma, Menstrual Do not Stop

Live Stem Cell Treatment for Hand Foot The rigid, Skin Problem

Live Stem Cell treatment for Unstopable Period

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Live Stem Cell Therapy

About Live Stem Cell Therapy

purtier placenta live stem cell therapyLive Cell Therapy is the only process in the world that has been proven safe and effective in slowing down the aging process and helping you to dramatically regain your health, vitality and physical power. Therefore it is not surprising that there have been an increasing number of consumers of placenta live cell therapy.

Doctors who practice live cell therapy believe that cell therapy acts like an organ transplant and actually makes the old cells “act younger”.

Live cell therapy has been effective for the following conditions: General loss of vitality, physical and mental exhaustion, convalescence after illness, premature aging, signs of deterioration of the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, and digestive organs, lack of drive and declining mental efficiency, weakness of the immune system, arthritis and other degenerative diseases of the connective tissue, under function of the endocrine glands, disturbances of menopause, Parkinsonism, chronic pain, migraine, headaches, neuralgia, back pain, sciatica, atherosclerosis of the brain, heart and peripheral circulation.

History Live Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy Life has existed since time immemorial, the use and benefits have been passed down from one generation to the next. Its use does not cause controversy or absence of side effects.

Live Stem Cell Therapy has been used by nearly every culture and civilization since the beginning of mankind. Utilizing an organ or body part either humans or animals, to get the physical benefits have been noted throughout history. For example: Achiles, from ancient Greece to consume the lion bone marrow to increase its strength. Papyrus documents unearthed in the history of Thailand, about 100 years BC, suggested the use of placenta for rejuvenation.

purtier placenta paracelsus achiles
The best basic theory behind cell therapy is expressed by Paracelsus, a 16th-century doctor who wrote that: "The heart heals the heart, lungs heal the lungs, spleen heals spleen, which is similar curing similar". Paracelsus and many other health experts believe that the earlier the best way to cure disease is to use living tissue to rebuild and revitalize tissue.

Modern Orthodox treatment had lost this method, so it now uses chemicals to interrupt or ignore the process of life. While chemicals and drugs work until they are broken down by metabolic processes. Live Stem Cell Therapy has a long-term effects, because it stimulates healing and revitalizing the body's own strength.

Doctors who practice Live Stem Cell Therapy believe that cell therapy and organ transplantation act like really make old cells to "act younger". Where is the lesson "biology" would not be quickly forgotten by the cell.



purtier-placenta-fourth-editionIn today’s society, with rapid industrialization and increasingly hectic lifestyles, our dietary habits, stress and pollution will all take a toll on our bodies.

As age increases, in addition to unhealthy lifestyle habits, metabolic syndromes and cardiovascular diseases will then surface, does that mean that lifestyle diseases are catching up with us? Non-infectious, metabolic disorders are increasingly endangering the lives of man kind. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, fatty liver, gout, polycystic ovary syndrome, osteoporosis, etc., these preventable diseases are seriously endangering the health of humans and are silent killers that are quietly creeping into our lives unknowingly.

PURTIER PLACENTA  is a fresh extract deer placenta, which contains many active living cell and full of energy. Very well known as one of the magical substance to help people get back to his young, became famous among the rich from his invention.

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, which is the fundamental of health, and one can start from eating habits. Using the most natural ingredients will strengthen our immunity and increase our self-healing ability and nourish our body. It can also rejuvenate our body through protecting, repair and renewal of cells. Known as the “Rolls Royce of Nutritional Supplements”, Purtier Deer Placenta live cell capsules contain 8 precious ingredients, which make up the top anti-aging health formula that will keep your life healthy!

Why Deer?

purtier deer placentaDuring the height of the Tang Dynasty, one day, Emperor Tang Xuan Zong led a team for hunting and during the process, he stumbled upon a doe consuming her own placenta after giving birth to an infant deer. Emperor Tang was extremely puzzled and called upon the accompanying imperial physician, of which he recorded an honest report.

Inspired by such a phenomenon, the imperial physician decided to develop for the Emperor, a precious formula which could promote longevity and beauty. After many years of dedicated research and countless references to ancient books, he finally developed a new formula and tested it on several palace maids with poor complexions. Several months later, a surprise showed up on their faces; every one of them had rosy and radiant complexions, and light and graceful postures. This news finally reached the ears of her Highness Yang Gui Fei and she immediately informed the Emperor. And shortly after, the imperial physician presented this precious formula to the Emperor and Her Highness Yang Gui Fei!

Several months later, the Emperor was full of vitality and Her Highness Yang Gui Fei had a rosy and radiant complexion. Extremely pleased, the Emperor bestowed the title of “The Physician of Rejuvenation” to the imperial physician and ordered for the formulation to be recorded into history for the benefit of future generations.

This goes to show that deer live cell rejuvenation therapy is indeed the best health and beauty tip, and has gone to become the exclusive health recipe for many rich and famous today.

The 3rd generation PURTIER PLACENTA capsules contain 8 rare ingredients. Using dry-freezing technology, the deer placenta live cells can be preserved for 3 to 4 years. Among them, the deer placenta live cells can stimulate the aging rejuvenation process, and ensure the organs remain robust and full of vitality. They can also aid in reversing the aging process, and help to improve various medical conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, bone diseases, menopause, impotency, chronic fatigue and such.

PURTIER PLACENTA is a comprehensive and unique formula, which allows you to enjoy the beauty secret of ancient beauties.

Protein from deer placenta  is found more in line with the human than goat / sheep, which is more effective regeneration function. Deer are also more robust than goat / sheep and difficult contracted the disease. Proteins from deer placenta selected because biologically compatibility with humans and not known to cause allergic reactions.

New Zealand

purtier placenta new zealandMade in New Zealand – Researching and developing PURTIER PLACENTA in a country touted for its fresh air, rather than Europe where outbreaks of diseases such as foot & mouth disease and mad cow disease are a serious concern.

PURTIER PLACENTA was manufactured under stringent quality control from authorities to ensure Purtier Placenta is effective and safe for consumption.

It is the result of more than 15 years of intensive scientific research and development by top New Zealand clinics and laboratories. It is clinically tested by one of Southern Hemisphere’s largest and most sophisticated Clinical Test Research Centres in Auckland, New Zealand under GLP (Good Laboratories Practice conditions). The test report was further attested and audited by many doctors. PURTIER PLACENTA is originally manufactured and packed in New Zealand with full conformity to international stringent standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001, IS 14001, NZFSA, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), TQM (Total Quality Management), and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).



Enteric Coated Technology PURTIER PLACENTA

purtier placenta enteric coated vs non coatedThe advanced Enteric-Coated capsulation preserves the deer placenta growth factors and peptides, which remain biologically active without damaging its effectiveness.

The high quality polished enteric-coated PURTIER PLACENTA capsules withstands damage from gastric juices. It ensures the capsules do not leak away their nutrients and only dissolve at small intestines where nutrient absorption is maximized. This raises the absorption of placenta live cells by 3-4 times. The healthy cells than travel to the targeted organs and impart their miraculous force onto damaged and worn out cells.

Enteric-Coated PURTIER PLACENTA capsules can be consumed before or after meals.

Nitrogen Filled Technology PURTIER PLACENTA

purtier placenta nitrogen filled technology

purtier placenta without nitrogen filled technology

The placenta live cells and other nutrients will be oxidized and deteriorated when in contact with free radicals, oxygen, bacteria, and UV rays during the conventional capsulation process.

Nitrogen-filled technology is integrated to prevent the decomposition of living cells and other nutrients, as it ensures zero oxygen in the capsulation process. Therefore, PURTIER PLACENTA is a “living capsule” whereby the placenta cells are biologically active and providing the greatest effectiveness to the body.

Freeze Drying Technology PURTIER PLACENTA
purtier placenta freeze drying technology

With freeze-drying technology, the live cells can be preserved and remained bioactive for 3-4 years. PURTIER PLACENTA uses only the fresh healthy deer placenta, and is extracted and preserved with the latest freeze-drying technology to preserve their bioactivities at maximum level. Each capsule is produced from 4000mg fresh deer placenta and concentrated into 20:1 ratio.

Emulsification Technology (Nano-Technology) PURTIER PLACENTA

Modern emulsification technology (nano-technology) enables larger molecules to be completely absorbed by the bile-chylomicron pathway.


Medical Consultant

dr. victor chenProlific Writer and Health Guru, Dr. Victor Chen has authored 15 health books and 2 devotional books. Over the years Dr.Victor Chen has seen health from 2 different perspectives, firstly from the viewpoint of a western-educated physician and secondly from his working experiences in the pharmaceutical business. He worked as a Medical Director of Abbot Laboratories, Pharmacia (Malaysia/Singapore) and Schering (Malaysia/ Singapore) handling products ranging from pharmaceuticals, vitamins, anesthesia, skin care products, to medical & pediatric nutrition. He was also the Head of Scientific Affairs of Altana Pharma, Asia.

This 2 different perspectives have given him an insight to health not commonly seen by doctors and nutritionists in their own separate fields. Combining these 2 skills, this sports-loving doctor and avid reader has developed a new model for health as communicated in his increasing range of books.




Deer Placenta

purtier placenta deer placentaResearch findings have found out that deer is more compatible to humans.

A global medical research database called pubmed reports more research articles on sheep disease more than deer diseases. Moreover deer placenta resembles human placenta very closely chemically & biologically. Currently deer placenta has been accepted as the premier source of placenta. Major scientific laboratories also report that deer placenta is known to provoke no allergic reaction. Since deer is considered to be a “higher order” animal, it can be regarded that deer related food could be used beneficially as human nutrition. Many deer parts are precious gems in Chinese medicine history. ( Deer Pizzle, Deer Testicles, Deer Blood, Deer Velvet, Deer Heart, Deer Tail.etc)




purtier placenta xanthoneXanthones have been shown to have beneficial effects on some cardiovascular diseases, including ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension and thrombosis. Xanthones are known to have strong cancer-fighting components, help prevent cardiovascular diseases, are perfect for detoxification and are good for the skin.

Energy Booster
Powerfull Anti-inflamasi
Anxyolytic (Anti-Anxiety Effect)
Help Imune System
Anti-Aging, Anti-Oksidan, Anti-Virus, Anti-biotik
Anti-jamur (Mencegah Infeksi jamur)
Lower Blood Pressure
Prevent Gum Disease
Mencegah Batu Ginjal
Anti-Parkinson, Anti-diare
Anti-Vertigo (Mencegah pusing)
Prevent Glaukoma, Prevent Katarak.

Aloe Vera

purtier placenta aloe veraAloe vera extracts is a natural effective ingredients, may be useful in the treatment of wound and burn healing, minor skin infections, sebaceous cysts, diabetes, and elevated blood lipids in humans.







purtier placenta squaleneSqualene is a major component of human skin surface lipids (or oils). Squalene helps to keep our skin soft and healthy and its anti-oxidant capabilities help to protect from the harsh effects of the environment. Squalene may be beneficial for temporary relief of arthritic pain, assisting in improving appearance of skin and hair, reducing joint inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis, as an anti-oxidant, increasing oxygen uptake capacity and reducing blood lactate levels, helps provide stamina and endurance and may reduce joint swelling and inflammation associated with gout.



Borage Oil

purtier placenta borage oilAccording to studies, the consumption of borage oil by elderly people can lead to alteration of fatty acid metabolism and improved skin function. Researchers have also concluded that borage oil can prevent damage to the nerves of the nervous system, which leads to diabetes. It can help correct blood cholesterol levels, and lower stress related blood pressure.






Marine Collagen

purtier placenta marine collagenMarine collagen is known to encourage skin renewal and minimizes muscle contractions. Recently, scientists have proven that marine collagen can reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines; helps provide long-term improvements in deeper wrinkles. In addition, it can help prevent endogenous collagen and elastin breakdown and increase skin elasticity and skin plumpness. It can also prevent the degeneration of bones, joints and cartilage. Experiments also shown that it can repair and maintain hair, nails and skin condition. Finally it can also help support maintenance of normal joint functions.





Evening Primrose Oil

purtier placenta evening pimrose oilEvening Primrose Oil beneficial effects have well scientifically proven. It is commonly use for skin allergies, eczema and can reduce PMS (Menstruation pain. It could help out with arthritis condition, reduces the rate of numbness, tingling, pain, burning, or lack of sensation in the feet and legs for diabetic neuropathy. Some scientists have also demonstrated that it could help reduce the chances of having breast cancer and breast cysts, multiple sclerosis, and heart disease.





Avocado Oil

purtier placenta avocado oilAvocado Oil has been tested to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and therefore can influence the development of asthma symptoms. Avocado Oil have been found to be able to assist in supporting the structure of capillaries, alleviate the condition of capillary fragility which causes small spot bleeding and bruising in skin. Scientists and eye doctors have also concluded that avocado oil relieves the condition of cataracts because it contains beta-carotene, which would protect the eyes and reduce the risk of cataracts. Some patients have testified that avocado oil could lower the risk of forming kidney stones and stroke. This is because avocado oil provides rich sources of potassium, which are known to dissolve kidney stones and open up blood capillaries in the brain.



lycopene-purtier-placenta-fourth-editionLycopene is a bright red carotenoid pigment, a phytochemical found in tomatoes and other red fruits. This pigment acts as an antioxidant in the body, protecting cells against damage from the free radicals formed when body cells burn oxygen for energy. Free radicals are thought to be responsible for damaging the body’s cells, as well as their genetic makeup, leading to certain diseases.





Ingredients of PURTIER PLACENTA Weight
Deer Placenta Extract / Plasenta Rusa (20:1) 200 Mg
Xanthone / Manggis 15 Mg
Evening Primrose Oil 200 Mg
Marine Collagen 100 Mg
Avocado Oil 100 Mg
Squalene 100 Mg
Borage Oil 100 Mg
Aloe Vera Powdered Extract (200:1) 10 Mg
Lycopene 50 Mg



purtier placenta MEDSAFEMEDSAFE

Medsafe is the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority. It is a business unit of the Ministry of Health and is the authority responsible for the regulation of therapeutic products in New Zealand.



purtier placenta NZFSA

NZFSA role is to protect and promote public health and to facilitate access to markets for New Zealand’s food and food-related exports.

NZFSA has been a stand-alone service department since 1 July 2007. From July 2002-2007, we operated as a semi autonomous body attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF).

Prior to 1 July 2002, New Zealand had two separate regimes for food administration:

• The ministry of Health administered the Food Act covering food sold on the domestic market, including imported food.

• The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) administered other food-related legislation that was, for the most part, aimed at primary production, processing and exports.

purtier placenta TGATGA
The TGA carries out a range of assessment and monitoring activities to ensure therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard with the aim of ensuring that the Australian community has access, within a reasonable time, to therapeutic advances.



purtier placenta the department of health and ageingThe Department of Health and Ageing
The Department of Health and Ageing aims to improve choice for consumers through strong private sector involvement, effectively integrated with the public sector.




purtier placenta GMPGMP (Good Manufacturing Products)

The acronym GMP is used internationally to describe a set of principles and procedures which, when followed by manufacturers of therapeutic goods, helps ensure that the products manufactured will have the required quality. A basic tenet of GMP is that quality cannot be tested into a batch of product but must be built into each batch of product during all stages of the manufacturing process.

purtier placenta FIANZFederation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ)

The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Inc. (FIANZ), the national Muslim organization, confirms that all meat exports from New Zealand accompanied with a Halal Certificate issued by the Federation, to any part of the world, are guaranteed Halal.


purtier placenta info kineticsInfo Kinetics

Info Kinetics is a one-stop Contract Research Organization. Info Kinetics provide study management of: Phase I-IV Clinical Trials and Bioavailability / Bioequivalence Study.



10 Reason Why PURTIER PLACENTA So Unique

Reason No.1
PURTIER PLACENTA has the highest quality and an exceptional value, PURTIER PLACENTA is the best beauty and health product with the highest quality because it does not only make you look and feel younger but also gives dozens of essential health benefits and totally rejuvenates your body from inside to out. As aforementioned, PURTIER PLACENTA is essentially a form of Deer Stem Cell Therapy, which is safer, cheaper, yet more ethical and effective than the better-known Human Stem Cell Therapy. PURTIER PLACENTA is the result of more than 15 years of intensive scientific research and development by top New Zealand clinics and laboratories. Before its invention, the equivalent Live Cell Therapy (in an injection form) cost USD 30,000 per shot in the 1960s (more than USD 200,000 in today’s currency), and it was only affordable to very rich and famous celebrities who regarded it as one of the most valuable supplements in the world. PURTIER PLACENTA (in the form of high-tech soft gel capsules) is as effective as Live Cell Therapy, but with less than 10% of its original cost! These facts speak for the exceptional value of PURTIER PLACENTA.

Reason No.2
PURTIER PLACENTA is completely safe and will NOT cause any side effects of any kind. Unlike most other anti-aging products which depend on hormone therapy, PURTIER PLACENTA is totally hormone free and will NOT supply you with artificial hormones which would affect your production of hormones. PURTIER PLACENTA is NOT a drug as it does NOT contain any chemicals but solely a nutritional supplement branded by many as the “Rolls Royce of nutritional supplements”. PURTIER PLACENTA is clinically and HAS tested and can be used in conjunction with any other vitamins or nutritional supplements.

Reason No.3
PURTIER PLACENTA is highly effective. PURTIER PLACENTA is so effective that your body will begin to exhibit major noticeable changes in as little as 4 weeks after you start taking it continuously. After one month of usage, all the benefits can last for another few months for your extensive enjoyment. If you continue to take PURTIER PLACENTA on a 6 month basis as recommended, you will enjoy long term beauty and health benefits, giving you not just beautiful skin with vibrant vitality, but also a regenerated, younger, and healthier YOU.

Reason No.4
PURTIER PLACENTA is easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is takeit everyday whenever you like, before or afer meal – PURTIER PLACENTA will do all the rest by itself to give you tons of benefits. There is NO work, NO pain, and NO hassle!

Reason No.5
PURTIER PLACENTA is inexpensive and affordable. As mentioned above, before the invention of PURTIER PLACENTA the equivalent Cell Therapy in an injection form cost USD 30,000 for a single shot! PURTIER Placenta has exactly the same effectiveness buy only costs less than 10% for Six months supply – just do some simple math and see the unbelievable savings and the tremendous value will attain by signing up PURTIER PLACENTA Programme!

Reason No.6
PURTIER PLACENTA is the most beneficial supplement. Most beauty products give you little health benefits; most health products give you little beauty benefits. However, PURTIER PLACENTA will give you dozens of beauty benefits plus dozens of health benefits, all at the same time! This makes PURTIER PLACENTA the most beneficial supplement because beauty and health are two sides of the same coin – you can NOT have one WITHOUT the other!

Reason No.7
PURTIER PLACENTA is the most certified supplement. PURTIER PLACENTA is clinically tested by Alpha Laboratories, one of Southern Hemisphere’s largest and most sophisticated Clinical Test Research Centers in Auckland, New Zealand under GLP (Good Laboratories Practice conditions). The test report was further attested and audited by many doctors. PURTIER PLACENTA is originally manufactured and packed in New Zealand with full conformity to international stringent standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001, IS 14001, NZFSA, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), TQM (Total Quality Management), and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

Reason No.8
PURTIER PLACENTA is the most attested supplement. Since its introduction, users from all around the world have written numerous testimonials to attest the extreme effectiveness and enormous benefits of PURTIER PLACENTA. All testimonials are 100% genuine and original.

Reason No.9
PURTIER PLACENTA is manufactured and distributed by the most creditable sources. PURTIER PLACENTA of New Zealand is manufactured in one of the largest and most advanced manufacturing plants in New Zealand with a combined work force of about 70 professionals. Currently, Alpha Laboratories is the first and only supplier of Live Cell Therapy Extracts in the form of hi-tech capsules. And, we (Riway International) have become the FIRST and ONLY South East Asia distributor for PURTIER Placenta. We have gained tens thousands of satisfied PURTIER PLACENTA customers all over South East Asia and have received many original testimonials from both men and women among all different age groups. Because of the effectiveness of PURTIER PLACENTA, it has become more and more popular each and every day as most PURTIER PLACENTA users refer it to their friends and family members – all of these are solid proof for our credibility.

Reason No.10
PURTIER PLACENTA is backed by outstanding commitment and support. We (Riway International) are 100% committed to help people fulfill their needs for more beauty and better health. We offer one-on-one live telephone and email consultations whenever you need it. We are here to answer your questions and give you live assistance. In a word, our commitment and support are unmatchable and we are determined to help people acquire more beauty and better health.


PURTIER PLACENTA is a live cell therapy that contains deer stem cells that can differentiate to other cells to rejuvenate the body. It also encapsulates many other youthful ingredients to protect, repair and rejuvenate the body's tissues and organs to keep a person 'young'.

PURTIER PLACENTA contains live cells that can impart their vigor to worn out adult cells. They also contain many growth factors and enzymes, which drives a fetus to grow. Stem/fetal cells divide and multiply at a rate 100 times that of normal adult cells.
PURTIER PLACENTA capsule also contains many bioactive nutrients that provide the necessary building blocks needed for cell multiplication and rejuvenation, such as amino-acids, phospholipids, etc.

What is Live Cell Therapy?
In the past, many rich and famous personalities go to Switzerland for placenta (Sheep) injections. These are done in exclusive clinics and cost anything starting from USD30,000. The results are dramatic. These placentas are usually fresh and sterilized and frozen for injection. The shelf life of these placentas is rather short.

With improved manufacturing techniques, it is now possible to freeze-dry the placenta to preserve the cells and that they remain "live" even 3-4 years later as long as it is stored correctly.

We are living beings and must consume live elements like the eagle, rather than feed off dead carcasses like vultures.


How does PURTIER PLACENTA compare to placenta injections?
Giving placenta injections must be under medical supervision as complications can occur such as allergic shock and sometimes sepsis.

The original Swiss placenta injections are tailored to the individual.

PURTIER PLACENTA has the same dramatic effects and the results differ from person to person depending on their health status.

People who go for injections normally go for repeat injections every few years, as the results will wear-off. An oral PURTIER PLACENTA will be good to maintain the effects for these people and they may not need to go for repeat injections or delay their next trip to Switzerland.

What about human placenta injections?
They're some preparations of human placenta available by injection. Some people have reported fantastic results. There is a preparation from Japan. But in reality, which civilized country, will allow its human placenta or its own blood and flesh to be commercialized? The source of the placenta is questionable and probably from under-privileged countries. Human diseases can also be transmitted by such injections.

How are the macronutrients in PURTIER PLACENTA absorbed?
Micronutrients are easily absorbed.

In the manufacturing process there is also a special emulsifying process, which enables larger molecules to be absorbed. For instance, with complete enteral nutrition, the preparation is emulsified so larger nutrients can be absorbed via the chlyomicron /bile pathway, For instance the normal GI pathway via the blood absorption peptide chains of only 15-30 amino acids long can be absorbed, but via the chylomicron /bile pathway peptides up to 300 amino-acid long can be absorbed.

In deer placenta there are many small peptides that represent many growth enzymes that drive growth and these are absorbed.

Some peptides on HPLC detection columns are similar to growth factors in the adult human, and are juvenile growth factors.

Does it cause cancer?
There are always concerns that animal products may contain hormones and thus drive and promote cancer. Firstly PURTIER PLACENTA is tested negative for sex steroids (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone) and free of commercial steroids (prednisolone, hydrocortisone, cortisone etc.)

Furthermore the cause of cancer in most cases are unknown. Some say it is more of a mutation (i.e. virus, radiation) of the genes than activation of the mutated cancer genes by stimulants such as steroids.

Some hormone-related cancers are also not clear-cut, For instance, some breast cancer has estrogen receptors and some don't.

Some cancer treatment involves boosting the immune system, and deer placenta in rejuvenating the body helps to boost the immune system.

If I am on HRT will it be okay to take PURTIER PLACENTA?
There is no hard and fast rule, and it depends on the individual. Generally there is no problem to take PURTIER PLACENTA while on HRT therapy as it is hormone-free and may also help menopausal symptoms.

PURTIER PLACENTA is after all a food supplement.

How is useful for menopausal women and can we replace it with HRT?
Menopause is a result of a women aging. The reproductive system that has its regular cycles of hormonal changes comes to a stop. Generally, women experiencing menopause will benefit from PURTIER PLACENTA and have less symptoms such as flushing, vaginal dryness etc. The placenta also contains small peptides that resemble juvenile hormones and thereby able to regulate the reproductive system that results from hormonal deficiency associated with menopause.

We do not recommend that you necessarily need to come off HRT once you are on PURTIER PLACENTA, but some women who have taken PURTIER PLACENTA have done so and find that it is equally as good. Furthermore with the recent clinical data showing increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease with conventional HRT, many women are turning to alternatives such as Placenta and phyto-estrogens.

Do I take it life-long?
You're encouraged to do so especially if you find it beneficial. Moreover, there is no known side effects with prolonged intake.

Do I need to continue my other supplements?
PURTIER PLACENTA is a supplement that speeds up the body rejuvenation. But if you feel there is also a need to take other supplement you may do so.

I am already taking so many supplements, so how?
PURTIER PLACENTA offers a benefit that supplements don't and that is renewal and rejuvenation to make your body healthy and feel younger.

Why do we need PURTIER PLACENTA?
The moment we are born we start to age. Believe it or not, we were made to live 120 years, but because of the lifestyle we live, our dietary habits, pollution and the stresses of modern living, we experience aging and disease prematurely.

A lot of these lifestyle factors generate free-radicals which damages cells and tissues and this is a prominent theory to aging. PURTIER PLACENTA contains not only antioxidants to prevent the free radical damage of cells, but also has the ingredients in the live cells to rejuvenate the damage and worn-out cells and tissues.

How is the deer placenta obtained?
The deer placenta live cells are extracted from the afterbirth and there is no sacrifice of deer life. These cells are then freeze-dried to preserve them.

How long I should take PURTIER PLACENTA?
The recommended dosage is for 6 months. As cells deteriorate over the years, we need time for the cells to grow back, and as body condition differs, cell renewal is only possible with continual consumption. 6 months is a good period to rejuvenate and renew the body. However the amount of time needed to see significant results differ from people to people.


Do I have to continue taking PURTIER PLACENTA after completing the 6 months programme?
Usually 6 months is enough see the results. However you are encouraged to continue taking, especially if you find it beneficial and want to continue to renew your cells. Moreover, there are no known side effects with prolonged intake. Your body won’t be of any harm or be over reliant even if you stop taking it.

Continuous intake of PURTIER PLACENTA will only continue to rejuvenate your body through protecting, repair and renewal of cells.


How is normal placenta different from PURTIER PLACENTA?
PURTIER PLACENTA is extracted from fresh deer placenta which contains the most active and most energetic live cells. These are the cells that rejuvenate the damaged and worn-out cells and tissues in our body.

Normal placentas are normally in powdered form, cooked or processed and do not contain any more live cells. Thus they do not have the same effect as compared to PURTIER PLACENTA.


When should I start taking PURTIER PLACENTA?
Human body starts dying at the age of 25, because the cells in our body could no longer repair themselves. The cells in our body deteriorate as we grow older, resulting the human body to start aging and feels tired easily.

It is encouraged for anyone, after the age of 25, healthy or unhealthy, with any condition to start taking PURTIER PLACENTA, because it is always good to maintain our health.


Anyone who wants to reverse the aging process and who had experienced deteriorating process. Also, those who want to rejuvenate their bodies and replace old cells with young cells can also take PURTIER PLACENTA.


It’s recommended by doctors to take 4 capsules daily for the first month, any time of the day, and 2 capsules daily for subsequent months. However, it differs according to each individual body’s needs. One may increase or decrease dosage as desired.


Can PURTIER PLACENTA be taken with Chinese and Western medicine?
PURTIER PLACENTA is not a drug, as it does not contain any chemicals. Just like any nutritional supplement, it will not clash with Chinese and Western medicine and is safe to eat with Chinese and Western medicine. However it is recommended to eat at a considerable time interval, to ensure the effectiveness.


Will PURTIER PLACENTA cause heatiness?
Generally it won’t cause heatiness but it is advised to drink more water than usual.


What is enteric-coated capsules?
With Enteric Coating technology each capsule is uniquely coated to withstand stomach acid. The capsule is designed to dissolve in the small intestine to maximize the body’s absorption of placenta ingredients. Placenta capsules that are enteric-coated can be taken before or after meals.


When will i see results?
6 months or less would be a good timeframe to see results, however the results on individual vary.


Can I eat for 2 months and stop eating PURTIER PLACENTA?
It is optional but the recommended timeframe is 6 months to have more desirable results.


1. Breast Cancer (Joanne Teoh, Singapore)


2. Diabetes (Yeo Kim Hock, Singapore)


3. Stroke, Diabetes, Heart, Hypertension (Say Bee, Singapore)


4. Ocular Hypertension (Ken Tai, Singapore)


5. Breast Cancer (Low Choon, Malaysia)


Others Testimonials PURTIER PLACENTA, click here



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